Late night blues

To know and to show woman in boudoir environment. The challenge is how to reveal body, mood, elegance even passion while concealing lust. Ok…  may be one drop of lust is enough.

Welcome to album where full concept of mind and sequence of pictures is presented.

Late night blues
We start gently. With natural light and clothes. Too many clothes.
Window light works as very good mood maker.
Short brake with a cup of tea. Boring morning in hotel.
Here it goes - lines and shadows.
Slowly sliding into darkness
Body details, lines & curves. Time for something new.
Book is her bra now.
Stay or go? Change environment and mood? Definitely.
Badass in a tube.
We are getting to next level.
Nothing really matters now. Just a slip, snap, shoot, done.
Ah... Venus
From badass to loved woman covered in flowers.
Wait... it's her morning elegance.
Rainy city view through the window. Lets have some fun!
Boom, Helmut Newton in a room.
Tribute to the maestro.
Don't stop
Return of slim line and the shadow
What about retro?
Who's that pretty girl?
Flowers, body, beauty.
Oh I remember she was little hesitant to make more shots with flowers. But I love 'em.
Mild elegance replaced by complete raw.
Lazy? Do not want get up.
But you need to. Those long legs wants some attention.
Getting closer
Hey, I'm here
That look!
Time for flash! time for raw.
... and some wildness, some devils in her eyes.
That's that promised drop of Lust.
Let's stay in that mood for a bit.
One more shot and...
Naked is better?
I love those hair.
Yes those windy hair
Time to end this shoot?
Just few more, and we done here.
That moment when you realise that shoot is about to get finished.
The end. Thanks for experiencing it.